Greetings from Malcolm

Hello and thanks for your interest in my books, I am honored to have your attention, even if just for a moment!

I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor from Australia, and I'm one of those early adopters who now wish they bought a lot more Bitcoin back in the day than we did while we had a chance... You're not alone! :)

Among many things that I've learned about buying, trading and holding Crypto is that there are not many resources that explain basic Crypto trading concepts using really simple terms, with an average Joe and Jane readers in mind.

This is what I tried to address in my Crypto for Starters eBook that you can find on Amazon and Audible for a price of a half-full coffee cup today.

My Twitter - 2022 update

My Twitter account has been hacked - apparently a while ago (and I've only just noticed)

So I've decided to update this page as the only point of my audience to currently connect with me, offering you my apologies, and encouraging you to reach out to me directly if you have any inquiries. But please don't try and follow me on Twitter until further notice from me here, on this page.

My Newsletter

I haven't been a very active writer between 2018 and 2022, since I've published Crypto for Starters, but I invite you to sign up to my Newsletter regardless, and here is why.

Firstly, signing up to my Newsletter sends you a PDF version of Appendix to my Crypto for Starters Audiobook version. It contains all the charts, graphs and screenshots I refer to during the audio narrative.

Secondly, the state of Crypto trading and investing game has changed dramatically since 2018, which calls for my book revision, or a follow-up that should include the new insights and warnings for any Crypto investing beginners.

While I'm carving out free time to write the new book (or update the old one), my Newsletter subscribers will obviously hear from me first, with the first random 100 getting a free copy of the book - whenever it is released.

Subscribe to my newsletter after validating that you're not a robot, as it shows me your interest and support, which in turn contributes to my motivation to write more. Thank you all!

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