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Welcome to the home of eBooks by Malcolm Yard - professional coach, researcher and novelist from Australia.

I write in two main genres of Relationship Counceling ("serious stuff"), and dabbling into writing Sci-Fi novellas as I've always been drawn to post-apocalyptic worlds and stories such as Mad Max and Fallout game series.

Serious Books

"Not Normal"

Unconventional Marriage Tips for
Mature Couples Starting Again

Not Normal: Unconventional Marriage Tips Book

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After one or two failed marriages many of us simply roll our eyes at yet another "Marriage Tips Collection", trying to tell us something we've heard before and that didn't work. I wrote this book for all people in similar situations, who need a truly fresh and unconventional perspective that might help build a relationship that lasts. This worked for me, and I hope this works for you too!

Entertaining Books


Demons Are Coming For You
(Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story)

Hostseeker - Survive the Demonic Apocalypse

Due to be re-released soon as Edition 2!

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Action-packed and emotional Post-Apocalyptic Survival Fiction story set in not so distant future of Australia. Once our World gets invaded by the alien force quickly labeled Demons, humanity is pushed to use extreme counter-measures that seem to work for a while. Demonic spread and possession is stopped with the help of augmented soldiers, and the main protagonist is one of them.

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